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Our Vision for the Future

Our Mission

Here at KD Vending, our mission is to redefine the vending experience through innovation, reliability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We envision a world where every break, snack, or moment of refreshment is enhanced by the convenience and quality of our vending solutions.

Uncover the Story of KD Vending

About Us

Welcome to KD Vending, where exceptional vending experiences are our specialty! Founded by Kenny and Steve Blanshan, we’re a dynamic team committed to revolutionizing the vending machine industry. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide unparalleled vending solutions that enhance every break, snack, or moment of refreshment. Our headquarters are located in Birmingham, Alabama, where our operations span multiple large-scale manufacturing facilities. As leaders in the industry, what sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to excellence and our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology. Our vending machines are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including their own cellular network for real-time inventory monitoring. Say goodbye to frustrating “sold-out” scenarios and hello to a new era of vending excellence with KD Vending.

Our Journey Thus Far

Company History

Since our inception, KD Vending has been on a journey of growth and innovation. Founded in 2016, we started with a vision to revolutionize the vending machine industry. Over the years, we have achieved significant milestones and expanded our operations to become a leading provider of vending solutions in the Birmingham area. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has fueled our success, and we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in vending technology.

Guiding Principles

Our Values

At KD Vending, our values serve as the foundation of everything we do. Integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction are at the core of our business. We believe in transparency, honesty, and accountability in all our interactions. Our commitment to excellence drives us to constantly improve and exceed expectations, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality vending solutions.

The KD Vending Difference

Why Choose KD Vending

Elevate your vending experience with KD Vending.

Innovative Technology

Stay ahead with our cutting-edge vending technology, ensuring seamless transactions and real-time inventory monitoring.

Exceptional Service

Experience unparalleled customer service from our dedicated team, ensuring your vending experience is always smooth and hassle-free.

Wide Selection

Choose from a diverse range of products and vending options, tailored to meet the unique needs of your workplace or location.


Count on KD Vending for dependable service and reliable machines, ensuring your vending needs are always met.